Who Are Tom Cruise’s Children And What Do They Do?

Tom Cruise’s Children: Tom Cruise has three children including two daughters and one son from his three marriages.

Having parents as famous as global figures probably has its perks, but some children of famous figures have decided to ditch their famous family names to live a little more anonymously.

Currently, Suri, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, is the latest celebrity child to ditch her last name and reportedly attend graduation ceremony as Suri Noel.

Tom Cruise’s Children, While Suri attended her high school graduation with her mother on Friday, June 21, her father, Tom Cruise, went to a Taylor Swift concert a day later and miles away.

According to “Yahoo Entertainment”, the star of “Mission Impossible” movie, who has been married three times, is the father of three children, which we will mention below.

Tom Cruise’s Children


Tom Cruise's Children

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s marriage lasted 11 years and they adopted two children after facing problems such as ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.

Isabella, the eldest child of this couple, is now 31 years old. In 2015, she married the British Max Parker in the Church of Scientology (a religious sect that Tom Cruise has been a member of for many years and is one of its high-ranking members).

She lives in South London and works under the stage name Bella. It seems that Isabella still believes in Scientology, and this issue has created differences between her and her mother, who is not a member of this church.

Tom Cruise’s Children


Isabella’s brother, Connor, joined the Cruise and Kidman family in 1995 and, like his sister, remained close to their father.

Connor, 29, grew up in the Scientology community. Although, like her sister, she does not participate in events where celebrities appear with their children, in December 2023 she was seen with Isabella at a hockey game with Tom Cruise.

He is said to be “very loyal” to his father and often accompanies him on promotional trips. Connor is a DJ and has played small roles, but mostly lives a quiet life in the Scientology community in Florida.

Tom Cruise’s Children


Tom Cruise's Children

Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in 2006. Their daughter Suri was born in the same year. But after they separated in 2012, Suri lived with her mother and did not join the Scientology community like her siblings.

Suri Holmes lives in New York City and is expected to transfer to the University of Pennsylvania later this year. Holmes had sole custody of Suri after the divorce, and she is said to have spent little time with Cruise since her parents split.

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