Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas: Demanding Their Children Return To England

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas: Court documents allege the Jonas Brothers singer, who filed for divorce earlier this month, is refusing to hand over the children’s passports.

Jonas, meanwhile, has urged Turner to “reconsider her harsh legal position and move forward in a more constructive and private manner”.

“His only concern is the well-being of his children,” his representative said.

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas, His statement also condemned the use of language such as “abduction” calling it “misleading at best, and a serious abuse of the legal system at worst”.

Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas, demanding their children return to England

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas

“The children were not abducted,” the statement said. “Sophie is making this claim only to move the divorce proceedings to the UK and to remove the children from the US permanently.”

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas, Turner – who was spotted out in New York last night with Taylor Swift, who also had a relationship with Jonas – claimed she heard about Jonas filing for divorce through the media.

A joint statement from the former couple this month described the decision to divorce as “amicable” and “mutually decided” following “four wonderful years of marriage“.

Joe Jonas, left, and Sophie Turner arrive at the second annual Academy Museum gala at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, in Los Angeles.

Joe Jonas and two children together

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas, However, while Jonas filed his documents on 1 September, Turner did not find out until four days later, the petition said.

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Turner’s court documents, filed in the Southern District of New York, said the couple’s children, born in 2020 and 2022, have been wrongfully retained in New York City since 20 September from “their habitual residence” in England.

The children are currently with Turner in New York, court documents said, with Jonas allegedly refusing to allow them to cross the Atlantic to England.

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas, The documents said the youngsters, who have dual citizenship, are “fully involved and integrated” in daily life in England, with the older child attending school, and both involved in playdates and cultural activities.

Turner has “never consented or acquiesced to the removal of the children from England”, the court documents said.

They said that Turner – who played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones – and the singer made England their permanent home in April, partly because of a desire to have the children educated in the country.

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas, They moved into a rented property in May and made an offer on a permanent home in July, with a plan to move in in December, the filing said.

Because Turner began filming a new drama series in the UK in May, they decided the children would travel with Jonas and a nanny as he kicked off a tour with the Jonas Brothers in the United States in late July.

The plan, according to the petition, was for the children to stay with Jonas and his extended family until Turner finished filming.

She was then apparently expecting to return to the UK with the children after flying to New York in mid-September.

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas, But that was before the divorce was announced.

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas

However, the statement from Jonas disputed that claim, adding that the Florida court where the divorce was filed “restricts both parents from relocating the children” and that Turner was aware of that order.

Jonas’s representative said he and Turner had a “cordial” meeting on Sunday in New York after she flew there to be with the children.

Joe’s impression of the meeting was that they had reached an understanding that they would work together towards an amicable co-parenting setup,” the statement said.

“Less than 24 hours later, Sophie advised that she wanted to take the children permanently to the UK.

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas, “Thereafter, she demanded via this filing that Joe hand over the children’s passports so that she could take them out of the country immediately. If he complies, Joe will be in violation of the Florida court order.”

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