4 Powerful Photos Of Swim Search Finalist Kelly Crump In The Dominican Republic

Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump: Kelly Crump made her SI Swimsuit debut as a Swim Search open casting call finalist last year. The Stage 4 breast cancer survivor, or as she likes to say “thriver,” was photographed by Yu Tsai in the Dominican Republic for the issue. She uses her platform to spread positivity and change the narrative about what it means to be a survivor—by raising awareness and not letting cancer define her or the way she lives her life.

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Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump, Crump, who lives in London, was diagnosed with cancer when she was 38. She had the tumor removed within five days and began chemo five days after that.

“Looking back, I was in such shock that, just like with any other trauma or hardship in someone’s life, you’re getting through and there’s no kind of emotion there. It’s fight or flight, and I [choose] fight. I’m the person that goes after the lion,” Crump recalled. “We need to be talking, normalizing and feeling comfortable if someone has cancer so that we can support them mentally, physically, what have you, but also so we know how to deal with it. And we have a platform now to talk openly about so many different issues going on in the world, and this is just another one of them.”

Below are four of our favorite photos from her 2022 SI Swimsuit photoshoot.

 Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump
Yu Tsai/Sports Illustrated


 Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump

 Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump

Photos of Kelly Crump

 Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump

 Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump

 Powerful Photos of Kelly Crump

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