Miss Al: The First Beauty Contest Of Artificial Intelligence In The World

Miss Al: With the announcement of the 10 winners of the final section, the competition between models produced with artificial intelligence became more serious.

Models and virtual characters created with artificial intelligence can now compete for the title of Miss AI.

According to Forbes, the models produced with artificial intelligence will be evaluated based on their beauty, the technology used in their creation, as well as their online popularity and influence in social networks.

Miss Al, According to the organizers of the AI ​​Creators Global Awards event, “the social influence of AI creations is evaluated based on the extent of their interaction with fans, the extent of audience growth and the use of virtual platforms such as Instagram.” The team creating the winning character will receive a prize of five thousand dollars.

Asena Ilik and Seren Al, two models made with artificial intelligence from Turkey, are present in this competition.

Miss Al

Zara Shatavari

Zara Shatavari, one of the Instagram figures who prioritized raising awareness about healthy living, is one of the chosen ones. Photographs of him exercising, doing yoga and resting have been made. Of course, he doesn’t need to worry about his health since he’s an AI, but as the face of female supplements, he does just fine.

Artificial Intelligence Beauty PageantImage Source: Instagram

Miss Al, Shatavari’s character lives in India and takes into account the customs of his country in creating content. She’s a self-proclaimed warrior dealing with depression and cystic ovary syndrome, promoting products for hormonal balance.

Aitana Lopez

Aitana Lopez, the Spanish model and influential face of artificial intelligence production, is another contestant who has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and earns more than $11,000 a month. The advertising company that created Lopez described AI models as easier and more efficient to work with.

Miss Al

Image Source: Instagram

Miss Al, In a statement, one of the judges and marketing expert Andrew Bloch explained: “Artificial intelligence is the new pioneer in content and influencer marketing. Creative tools and AI-powered virtual personas are here to stay, and the growth of artificial intelligence-generated personas is already heavily impacting advertising, public relations and branding.”

The judging of the finalists is still going on and the date of announcing the results is not yet known.

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