Kris Jenner Biography, The Mother Of The Kardashian And Jenner Family

Kris Jenner Biography: Kris Jenner (born Kristen Mary Hutton on November 5, 1955 in San Diego, California) is an American television personality, entertainment executive, producer, author, and businesswoman.

At first, young Kristen Hutton had no real intention of having a career.

After her stepfather’s business partner absconded with all the company’s money, Kristen became more interested in being a wife and mother than going to college. In 1978, she fulfilled her dream and married a successful lawyer named Robert Kardashian. Chris’s life was one whirlwind after another, but he more than managed to “keep up” with all the crazy twists and turns.

Kris Jenner Biography

Professional Life

Kris Jenner Biography

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Kris Jenner Biography, Chris was born to Robert Hutton, an aircraft engineer, and Mary Jo Shannon. When Kris was seven, his parents separated, leaving Mary Jo to raise him and Chris’ younger sister for a few years. Mary married businessman Harry Shannon, which led to the family moving to Oxnard, California.

After Harry’s business partner allegedly absconded with all the company’s capital, the family was forced to return to San Diego. Kris eventually graduated from Claremont High School and briefly worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines.

When she met Robert Kardashian for the first time, she was 17 and Robert was 28. Kris accepted Robert’s second marriage proposal at the age of 22, and the couple married on July 8, 1978.

Kris Jenner Biography, Over the next eight years, they had four children: Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian. The Kardashians lived a lavish life in their Beverly Hills home, befriending celebrities like the Hiltons and playing tennis with other famous couples like O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Kris Jenner Biography

Personal Life

Kris was married to Robert Kardashian from 1978 until their divorce was finalized in 1991. After their divorce, the couple remained close until Robert Sr.’s death from esophageal cancer in 2003. Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown. When Robert, a friend of O.J., defended the former NFL star during the “Trial of the Century,” a pregnant Kris was spotted in the courtroom wearing Nicole’s maternity clothes.

Kris Jenner Biography

Kris Gave Birth While Married To Caitlyn Jenner

And announced their separation from his second wife in 2013, and Kris filed for divorce in 2014. Their separation was finalized in March 2015. Later that year, Caitlin came out as transgender. The relationship has been cordial, but Kris once described the breakup with Kaitlyn as “the most passive thing.” Since 2014, Kris has been in a relationship with O.J Simpson, and many have speculated if the two are secretly married.

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