Jodie Foster Shares Terrifying Encounter With Lion On Movie Set

Jodie Foster: Actress Jodie Foster recalls a close encounter with a lion on the set of Napoleon and Samantha on The Graham Norton Show.

Veteran actress Jodie Foster recently shared a chilling experience from her early acting days, revealing a close encounter with a lion while on the set of the 1972 film Napoleon and Samantha. During her appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Foster, 61, recounted the harrowing incident to the host and fellow guests, including Olivia Colman.

Jodie Foster, In the film, a young Foster starred alongside Michael Douglas and Johnny Whitaker as children who embark on a journey with their pet lion instead of parting with it. Foster recalled the presence of three lions on set: the main lion, a stunt lion, and a stand-in lion, with whom she had the frightening encounter.

“We finished a take and I was going up the hill and all I remember is seeing his mane come around and then he picked me up sideways, shook me in his mouth and turned me around,” Foster shared.

Jodie Foster Shares Terrifying Encounter With Lion On Movie Set

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster, Describing the chaos that ensued, Foster mentioned that everyone on set ran in the opposite direction, leaving her sideways as she watched them flee with their equipment. Initially confused, Foster thought it was an earthquake due to the shaking.

“Every single person on the crew was running in the opposite direction and I’m like sideways watching everybody — and they took their equipment, too. I’m watching everybody leave going, ‘What’s happening’,” she added.

Jodie Foster, Fortunately, the lion’s trainer intervened, commanding the lion to “drop it.” Remarkably, the well-trained lion obeyed, releasing Foster. However, Foster humorously added that the lion then “came after” her, placing a paw on her as if to say, “I got her.”

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