Elegant Dress Of Flora, The Young Member Of The Royal Family, Designed By British Designers

Dress Of Flora: Flora’s wedding dress design was inspired by her grandmother’s crown! Flora, the granddaughter of Princess Alexandra, a cousin of deceased Queen Elizabeth, is one of the best-dressed members of the British royal family.

Dress Of Flora, Flora Westerberg (paternal name: Ogilvy), although not a member of the royal family, is definitely part of the British aristocracy family circle.

Although she rarely appears in public and insists on maintaining her privacy, she can still attract attention when she does appear at an event, according to the Daily Mail.

Dress Of Flora, That’s because she’s made a name for herself with her impeccable style thanks to popular British brands like Self-Portrait, Emilia Wickstead and The Deck.

Elegant Dress Of Flora Designed By British Designers

Dress Of Flora

The granddaughter of Princess Alexandra, who became known as Alexandra Ogilvy after her marriage, always flaunts her elegance, both on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and in high-level and luxurious events.

Dress Of Flora, A notable example of Flora’s style was her royal wedding dress designed by Phillipa Lepley.

Flora and her husband were married in 2020 in a private ceremony in the chapel of the Royal Palace of St. James, observing the quarantine restrictions during the pandemic, and a year later in St. James Piccadilly, a larger and more public wedding ceremony with more family members present. They held a royal ceremony.

In this ceremony, the bride wore an ivory shirt with delicate embroidery.

Dress Of Flora, British fashion designer Lepley said: “We were very inspired by Ogilvy’s crown… The flowers were hand stitched onto sheer fabrics and then embellished with beads, pearls and sequins. “To give the dress a personal touch, Flora asked for a pea flower to be embroidered on the wrist of the sleeve.”

The design of the dress was inspired by the sparkling tiara that Flora wore at her wedding, which originally belonged to her grandmother, Princess Alexandra.

Dress Of Flora, The Ogilvy Crown was created in the 1960s by combining several pearl and diamond hair ornaments that were already in Alexandra’s jewelry collection.

When choosing the dress for the first wedding ceremony, attention was paid to Flora’s royal lineage.

She chose an ivory dress by Emilia Wickstead that featured a square neckline and echoed the design worn by her great-great-grandmother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

Dress Of Flora, Flora is a graduate of art history and a fellow of Sotheby’s Art Institute. He is also an ambassador for the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Young Patrons Circle and Co-Chair of the Art History Link Young Patrons Committee.

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