Beckham Anniversary: David And Victoria Beckham Have Been Married For 25 Years

Beckham Anniversary: David and Victoria have been able to maintain their emotional union and combine it with commercial success.

Beckham Anniversary, one of the most attractive couples in the world of fashion and sports, are famous not only for their professional achievements, but also for their ups and downs together, and since the beginning of their relationship in the 1990s until today, they have always attracted the attention of the media and their fans.

Beckham Anniversary, The couple shared the joy of their 25-year marriage with their fans by posting pictures of themselves in their famous matching purple dress on social media.

Beckham Anniversary, Business Insider has taken a look at this relationship, which many did not think would last even a decade.

January 24, 1998: David and Victoria Beckham announced their engagement in a press conference after dating for a year. This event was the starting point of the joint path of these two in the world of fame and success.

Beckham Anniversary, At that time, David Beckham was a famous player of the Manchester United team, and Victoria was a member of the girl group “Spice Girls”.

Beckham Anniversary: They Have Been Married For 25 Years

Beckham Anniversary

March 4, 1999: Brooklyn, their first child, was born a few months before their marriage. The news of Victoria’s pregnancy was published in one of the most turbulent careers of David in the England national team.

July 4, 1999: David and Victoria tied the knot in a magnificent ceremony in Ireland.

September 1, 2002: Their second child, Romeo, was born. David was still in conflict with Manchester United and its head coach Alex Ferguson.

July 1, 2003: With David’s transfer to Real Madrid, the Beckham family had to move to Spain; A big step in David’s professional path.

April 2004: Reports of trouble in their marital paradise and David’s repeated infidelities surface, but they remain together and work out their differences.

February 20, 2005: Cruz, their youngest son, was born and made the Beckham family more complete.

July 1, 2007: The Beckham family moved to Los Angeles to start a new life in this city.

January 29, 2009: David and Victoria appeared as models for the famous Giorgio Armani fashion house; Another symbol of their success in the fashion world, where Victoria Beckham was growing up.

July 10, 2011: The couple welcomed their first daughter, Harper.

January 29, 2017: David and Victoria renewed their vows in a private ceremony.

June 8, 2018: When rumors of their divorce filled the media, Victoria’s reps denied the reports, telling Us Weekly: “There is no statement and no divorce.” Victoria and David also stated that the rumors were “fake news”.

April 11, 2022 (April 22, 1401): Brooklyn Beckham and his billionaire fiance Nicola Peltz got married in a lavish ceremony in Florida after two years of high-profile romance. The relationship between the bride and the mother-in-law was tense at first, but over time, it led to reconciliation and friendship.

April 20, 2024: David helped Victoria celebrate her 50th birthday. This event was held in London with the presence of their famous friends.

Beckham Anniversary, David and Victoria Beckham have been able to strengthen their life together despite the challenges and ups and downs, and as one of the most powerful couples in the world, they have maintained their emotional union and combined it with commercial success.

Beckham Anniversary, According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the total net worth of Victoria and David Beckham is estimated at 425 million pounds (about 515 million dollars).

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