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10 Best Spring Fruits You If You Eat You Will Be Healthier

Spring Fruits: While you can find most types of fruit at the supermarket all year long, many of them were shipped thousands of miles to get to you.

Truthfully, certain fruits are most delicious when they’re in season and available in your own area, rather than sent from across the country or even the world. And nothing welcomes the annual growing season quite like the sweetness of spring fruits.

Spring Fruits, Of course, we love classic winter fruits such as pears and oranges, but our palates yearn for new flavors come March. By the first day of spring, we’re ready for fresh strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes. And as the season progresses, your choices for what fruits you can buy fresh expand. If a certain type of fruit can be grown locally, farmers’ markets and orchards are a great place to get the freshest springtime fruit. You can even pick your own and make an activity out of it with the whole family!

Spring Fruits, Spring fruits and spring vegetables are both great for snacking on their own, but they can liven up any meal as an ingredient. Whether it’s a colorful spring salad for lunch, a flavorful spring dinner, or a special Easter dessert for a crowd, try adding a few of these spring fruits to your family’s shopping list this season. We’ve also included when you can expect them, recipe recommendations, and the best ways to slice, dice, and chop them in the kitchen.

Spring Fruits

1. Strawberries

Spring Fruits

Spring Fruits, Strawberries are usually picked before totally ripe so they can survive the trip from growers in Florida and California to your state. However, you’ll notice a huge difference in flavor when buying strawberries between mid-spring and early summer. Check your farmers’ market for berries that didn’t have to travel to get to you, then whip them up in everything from breakfast to dessert.

2. Pineapple

Spring Fruits, Although once an agricultural staple in Hawaii, most of the pineapples we eat now come from Costa Rica. Their peak season is May through summer, so stock up while they’re extra sweet and juicy. Try pineapple in both sweet and savory recipes or just follow Ree’s cutting method and enjoy it as a snack.

3. Rhubarb

Spring Fruits

Spring Fruits, Rhubarb is actually a vegetable, but it’s used in so many sweet dishes (such as cobblers and pies) that many people consider it a fruit. It’s only found in its fresh form in spring and makes a delicious addition to savory dishes and sweet desserts.

4. Meyer Lemons

Spring Fruits, You’ll find lemons available year-round, but Meyer lemon peak in late winter through spring. A cross between a lemon and sweet orange, they tend to have a sweeter rind and deeper color than traditional lemons. Use them as you would any type of lemon or when you need a sweeter zest, such as in cakes or cookies.

5. Mangoes

Best Spring Fruits

Spring Fruits, Florida, a major producer of mangoes grown in the U.S, harvests theirs from May to October. They’re delicious when eaten fresh and perfect in salsa or cheesecake. Also, check out our tips for cutting a mango so you can the most out of each one!

6. Apricots

Spring Fruits, Apricots are extremely delicate fruits, so many varieties do not ship well. Most apricots grown in the U.S. come from California, and their peak harvest time is from May to summer. They’re delish on a grilled chicken sandwich!

7. Blueberries


Spring Fruits, Blueberries are usually always available, but local harvests start from late spring to early summer, depending on where you live. Farmers’ markets and pick-your-own farms are a fun way to get your fill of these delicious berries, and a great way to make blueberry desserts extra sweet.

8. Kumquats

Spring Fruits, Kumquats might not be the first citrus fruit you think of, but these teeny fruits are delicious! You can eat them whole (rind included) like a grape. They’re available most of the year but are most plentiful through April.

9. Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherries

Spring Fruits, Some types of sweet cherries start to peak in late April to early June, while sour cherries ripen later in the summer. If you don’t have a cherry pitter, try this easy way to pit cherries and them bake them into a cherry slab pie or crumb pie.

10. Mulberries

Spring Fruits, These delicious berries, which have a sweet-tart flavor, ripen from late spring to early summer. They’re rarely on shelves because they’re delicate and don’t ship well, so if you can find them at farmers’ markets, be sure to buy some.

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