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Sagging Breasts; Does Not Wearing A Bra Cause Sagging Breasts?

Sagging Breasts: What makes the bra an uncomfortable and restrictive piece of clothing, in most cases, is choosing an inappropriate size and model.

The covid epidemic has changed the behavior habits of many of us, and not wearing a bra (in Iran the word bra, which is a French word, is more often used instead of a bra) was one of these changes, a change that made many women face the fact that He spent a working day without tight underwear and the irritation caused by its springs and buckles to the skin.

Sagging Breasts, Many of these women took out their bras from the closet and wore them again after the end of the quarantine, but there are still those who are not ready to lose the good taste of bra-free life, although their minds may sometimes be occupied with the question of whether not wearing a bra Does it cause breasts to sag or not?

Not much research has been done on the connection between bras and sagging breasts, but breast hygienist Dr. Cassann Blake explains to the Cleveland Clinic website that not wearing a bra does not cause sagging breasts, or, in other words, that wearing a bra plays a role in keeping breasts firm and firm. It does not prevent them from falling.

Also, not wearing a bra does not change the shape of the breasts. Of course, if you have large breasts, wearing a bra will prevent shoulder pain, which is often caused by the weight of the breasts.

Sagging Breasts, Dr. Blake also answered and denied the question of whether wearing a bra increases the risk of breast cancer. According to him, the bra does not play a special role in the occurrence or prevention of breast cancer.

What makes the bra an uncomfortable and restrictive piece of clothing, in most cases, is choosing an inappropriate size and model.

According to Dr. Blake, many people use the wrong bra size. She emphasizes that when you wear the wrong size, especially with spring bras, their spring is misplaced and can cause pain.

Sagging Breasts, Sometimes, despite losing or gaining weight, you still wear your favorite bra, in which case the cup size or bust size of the bra is not suitable for your body.

Sagging Breasts

Choosing The Right Bra For Everyday Activities

Sagging Breasts

Most of us probably go for special sports bras that don’t have buckles and locks and protect the breasts during exercise.

What is important in choosing a sports bra is choosing it according to the type of sports activity. There are different types of sports bras based on the firmness of the breasts. A bra with a high percentage of protection may be fine for running, but not so good for yoga.

According to Dr. Blake, the right sports bra minimizes breast movement. She explains that when the breasts move too much, you may experience breast and shoulder pain.

Sagging Breasts

How To Prevent Fungal Infections?

Excessive sweating and skin fungus make it difficult to wear a bra, and the inflamed skin may also itch, crack, and blister.

Dr. Blake also explains that you should pay attention to the way the breasts are placed in the bra, especially in the hot months. According to him, if we wear a bra with a larger cup size, we may experience skin friction under the breast. If this is combined with skin moisture, it may cause fungal infection. According to him, wearing a proper bra prevents this problem.

In the end, the choice is yours. If you are comfortable without a bra, that’s fine. If you prefer to wear a special bra in every season and in every ceremony and occasion, there is no problem.

Finally, you should ask if wearing a bra while sleeping is bad? If you are comfortable, there is nothing wrong with it. According to Dr. Blake, this decision is completely personal and depends on your comfort.

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