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Ramadan Food List: The Best Foods You Can Eat During Ramadan Month

Ramadan Food List: Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, a time when Muslims around the world are fasting for 29-30 days during daylight hours.

Muslims observing Ramadan do not eat or drink during daylight hours, eating one meal before dawn (Sehri or Suhour) and another to break the fast after sunset (Iftar). The end of Ramadan is marked by the festival of Eid-al-Fitr, during which Muslims partake in celebratory meals, new clothes and exchange of gifts.

Effects Of Fasting On The Body

Ramadan Food List, When food and drink are not eaten during the fasting hours, the body uses its stock of carbohydrates (stored in the liver and muscles) and fats to provide energy after all the calories from foods eaten at dinner are consumed. The body cannot hold water so that the kidneys retain as much water as they can.

Ramadan Food List, Most of the people who fast during Ramadan experience mild dehydration, which can cause headaches, exhaustion and difficulty in concentration, depending upon the weather and the duration of the fast. However, studies have shown that this is not harmful to health if energy levels are maintained through a balanced diet, and enough fluids are used to rehydrate the body.

Foods To Eat During Suhour

Ramadan Food List, Suhour needs to be nutritious and full of fluid-rich foods to provide enough energy and hydration to last during the long fasting hours. Here is a list food items to eat for Suhour.

Oats & breakfast cereals – Oatmeal has a lot of fibre and during Suhour your body needs a good meal. The soluble fibre transforms into gel in the stomach and delays the digestion, thereby leading to lower cholesterol and blood glucose. High fibre breakfast cereals are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, providing extra nutrients to keep you energised throughout the day.

1. Rice And Couscous

Ramadan Food List

Ramadan Food List, Starchy food items like a rice pudding with added fruits or grains with milk can be a great source of nutrition. Savoury couscous dishes are also quite filling.

Ramadan Food List, Yogurt & milk – Dairy products are a great source of calcium and vitamins. Choose a yoghurt smoothie or a date milkshake to stay full and hydrated throughout the day. You can also combine it with fruit and cereal for a wholesome suhour.

2. Eggs

Ramadan Food List, High on nutrition and full of proteins as well as Vitamin D, eggs can be prepared in a number of ways to suit your taste buds. Soft boiled eggs on avocado wholegrain toast is a great option for to control the calorie intake.

Foods To Eat During Iftar

Ramadan Food List, It’s normal to want to treat yourself after a long day of fasting, but it is essential to maintain a limited amount of fatty and sugary foods and beverages. A balanced meal is required to ensure that the dietary needs of the body are met. Below is a list of the best foods to eat during Ramadan Iftar meals.

1. Dates

Ramadan Food List

Ramadan Food List, An excellent item to break the fast, dates have been traditionally eaten since the time of the Prophet Muhammad. The consumption of dates during the month of Ramadan holds major significance among Muslims across the globe.

Ramadan Food List, During Ramadan people also exchange gifts in the form of dates. Dates are a source of fibre and provide natural sugars for energy, plus minerals like potassium, copper and manganese. Bateel’s gourmet dates instantly help in regaining energy to make you feel rejuvenated after the long hours of fasting.

2. Drinks

Ramadan Food List, It is recommended to drink as much water or fruit juices during iftar and before bedtime to rehydrate the body. However, it is better to avoid drinks with loads of added sugar and aerated drinks as they have a high calorie content.

3. Fruits, Vegetables And Nuts

Ramadan Food List, Fruits provides natural sugars for energy, fluids and vitamins as well as minerals. Also, vegetables like cucumbers and lettuce are high in fibre and provide hydrating properties that helps the body feel cool. Raw nuts like almonds contain good fats which works wonders for the body.

4. Soups


Ramadan Food List, Soups based on a meat broth, with added pulses, like lentils and beans, are good for the stomach and easy to digest as well. Combined with starchy foods like pasta or grains, it transforms into a healthy meal in itself.

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