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 How to Make the Korean Pomegranate Drink That Speeds Up Weight Loss

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet: You know how much Americans love the refreshing tang of lemonade? That’s how folks in Korea feel about a sweet-and-sour drink made with pomegranate juice and vinegar. But theirs is actually a lot more beneficial for your health than our classic lemon concoction  and can even help you lose weight.

Here’s why you may want to give this beverage a try: When Korean researchers recently asked overweight women to sip two pomegranate-vinegar cocktails daily, volunteers saw a significant amount of belly fat dissolve — even though they didn’t diet at all.

The scientists note that previous pomegranate-vinegar studies have produced similar findings, and now the evidence is strong. “Pomegranate-vinegar reduces belly fat accumulation,” they say, even suggesting that it has an “anti-obesity effect.”

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet, readers who’ve tried pomegranate-vinegar back them up. Even if you’re only half-heartedly trying to eat better, “You can drop a pound a day,” says Chicago mom Heidi Hedstrom, 41, who tested the tonic recipe. “It got me back in my skinny jeans!”

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Pom-Vinegar Magic

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet, what makes a pomegranate-vinegar drink — which is typically made with about a tablespoon of vinegar, a shot of pomegranate juice, 8 to 12 ounces of water or sparkling water, and a little sweetener so special?

Separate research has identified compounds in both vinegar and pomegranate that help speed off excess flab. Combined, “They seem to enhance each other’s benefits, particularly in terms of abdominal fat,” notes Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, author of 60 Seconds to Slim: Balance Your Body Chemistry to Burn Fat Fast.

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet

Pomegranate-Vinegar Diet for Belly Fat

When researchers began looking for reasons pomegranate-vinegar firms our bellies, they discovered that it activates an enzyme called AMPK. “AMPK activation is like flipping the switch to start burning fat for energy inside individual cells,” PhD. And while we benefit anywhere we have flab, the high concentration of fat cells in our midsections means this area tends to shrink most.

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet, having vinegar with meals can reduce blood-sugar spikes up to 54 percent, per Arizona State findings. And steady blood sugar means we make far less insulin — a hormone that stores excess calories as belly fat.

Pomegranate’s role? It also helps keep blood sugar steady. “Ending sugar surges is a double victory, since less insulin means we store less new ab fat and more readily release existing ab fat,” says Schoffro Cook.

Any time blood sugar is better controlled, hunger and cravings diminish, confirms Johnston. Plus, thanks to antioxidants delivered by pomegranate, pom-vinegar improves levels of the hunger hormone, leptin.

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet, for years, scientists have known that acetic acid in vinegar triggers our livers to speed fat breakdown. What surprised them? When seven vinegar drinks were tested, pomegranate-vinegar was by far the most potent—beating vinegar blended with cherry, ginseng, and even blueberry.

Experts determined that four different compounds in pomegranate — including two never before identified — accelerate the effect of acetic acid.


The Pomegranate-Vinegar Diet for Weight Loss

How much weight can pomegranate-vinegar help you lose? Research on vinegar alone shows non-dieters lose, on average, half a pound a week. Meanwhile, readers who began drinking pom-vinegar tonics while enjoying unlimited healthy fare dropped up to a jean size in seven days.

“I love that this works with ordinary, inexpensive food,” says Canadian mom Jenise Hollaar, 25, who zapped more than three inches from her middle. Connecticut bookkeeper Lisa Bonenfant, 43, was impressed, too. “My usual never-ending cravings were virtually nonexistent. And I lost two inches from my midsection and nine inches overall.”

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet, then there’s Cindy Zimmer, who spent time in Korea and learned about the benefits of vinegar drinks. “I was happy when I found it in my local Korean grocery store,” says the Canadian writer, 41. Now if her tummy seems bloated or she needs to lose a quick 10 pounds, “I turn to the pomegranate-vinegar. It works like a charm.”

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet

How to Make Pomegranate-Vinegar Diet Drink

Making your own pom-vinegar drink is easy. Just mix 1 Tbsp. white vinegar (with at least 5 percent acetic acid), 2 oz. Pure pomegranate juice, 8 to 12 oz. water or seltzer, and a little zero-cal sweetener to taste. Serve over ice. For best results, enjoy before, during, or immediately after two meals daily.

While pomegranate-vinegar tonics have been found to help melt belly fat whether you diet or not, pairing the drink with healthy eating will speed results — which is why our nutrition team put together this no-stress sample menu. It’s meant to be an inspiration, not a strict diet — so make any healthy substitutions or additions you like.

But do pay attention to your body and stop eating when you feel lightly full. To protect tooth enamel, drink the pom-vinegar diluted in at least 8 oz. liquid and consume no more than 4 Tbsp. pure vinegar per day. In addition to tonics, be sure to drink plenty of water. Note: As always, get a doctor’s OK to try any new plan.

Pomegranate-Vinegar Diet Menu Plan

Each day, drink a pomegranate-vinegar tonic before, during, or after any two meals. Because pomegranate-vinegar works without a special diet, there are no specific dietary guidelines you need to follow. Want to boost results?

Pomegranate Vinegar Diet, experts say you should build most meals and snacks around healthy options like high-fiber whole grains, ultra-filling lean proteins, and lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

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