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Plants For Better Sleep: The 9 Best Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better

Plants For Better Sleep: Some of these varieties have soothing scents, while others double as cozy décor elements—but all of them will make it easier to wind down at night.

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Plants For Better Sleep, If you have trouble falling asleep at night, you may be searching for remedies that help make it easier to snooze. While staying away from blue light and meditating before bedtime are effective methods, another way to help you fall asleep faster is by turning your room into a plant-filled oasis. Not only do plants have beautiful foliage that help block light and make your space feel cozier, but certain varieties even release calming scents that make it easier to wind down in the evening.

1. Jasmine

Plants For Better Sleep

Plants For Better Sleep, Jasmine is a type of vine that is also commonly grown as a houseplant. “Jasmine is known for its sweet, pleasant smell and is perfect for refreshing your room and helping you get a restful and comforting sleep,” says Kelly Funk, of Jackson & Perkins and president of Park Seed. “The scent can promote calm during the night and increase mental performance during the day.”

2. Aloe Vera

Plants For Better Sleep

Plants For Better Sleep, Aloe is one of nature’s most healing plants. Its gel can soothe sunburns and small cuts and its juice can help aid in digestion and strengthen the immune system. “Not only is aloe vera beneficial for your skin, but it is a great plant for promoting sleep,” says Funk. Its gray-green-toothed leaves add a cozy ambience to any space and makes for a great bedside table plant.

3. Snake Plant

Plants For Better Sleep

Plants For Better Sleep, Want to block light filtering into your bedroom? Consider adding a snake plant to your space. “The tall foliage makes it a great floor plant for filling empty corners of the room and it is one of the easier houseplants to take care of, tolerating low light and water,” says Funk.

4. Lavender


Plants For Better Sleep, Lavender products are frequently used as a sleep aid. “For many people, the scent of lavender stimulates a relaxation response,” says Wendy Troxel, a senior scientist at the RAND Corporation and author of sharing the Covers: Every Couple’s Guide to Better Sleep. “A sachet of lavender underneath your pillow, a spritz of lavender pillow spray, or a lavender scented eye mask are some examples of ways to incorporate the calming properties of lavender into the bedtime routine.” Beyond these methods, you can also go straight to the source. A lavender plant will fill your room with that familiar aroma and help you sleep at night.

5. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Plants For Better Sleep, If brought into the bedroom, this plant will live up to its name and help deliver a more peaceful night’s sleep. “The plant boasts broad, dark green leaves and charming white flowers on tall stems above the foliage,” says Funk. “Peace lilies fit well in most home décor and are great for tabletops or floor plants.” Note that peace lily can be toxic to cats, dogs, and humans if eaten, so steer clear if you have a furry friend or small children.

6. Pothos


Plants For Better Sleep, Next time you stop by your local garden center, grab a pothos for your bedroom. “The ultimate in beautiful, easy-care houseplants, the pothos features leaves that can range anywhere from solid medium green to variegated with cream stripes, depending on the light conditions,” says Funk. “Doing best in bright, indirect light, this houseplant makes a great option for bedrooms to help promote sleep.”

7. Gardenia


Plants For Better Sleep, Gardenia flowers are known for their exquisite fragrance. “The gardenia is a charming indoor plant that blooms into velvety, jasmine-like, scented white flowers set against glossy green leaves,” says Funk. “It emits a fresh smelling fragrance that helps you have a more restful sleep.” The easy-to-care-for plant is also ideal for beginner gardeners and prefers indirect sunlight.

8. Anthurium


Plants For Better Sleep, The beautiful anthurium is a great plant to help you relax and unwind in the evening. “It is a stunning houseplant with glossy green heart-shaped leaves with heart-shaped pink, red, or white long-lasting blooms,” says Funk. Anthuriums bloom almost yearlong with enough light, fertilizer, and moisture.

9. Chamomile


Plants For Better Sleep, The chamomile herb is popular for teas and essential oils that aid in relaxation, which makes the plant itself a great choice for your bedroom. “The fragrance induces sleep and promotes uninterrupted slumber, as well,” says Funk. “You can even make fresh tea out of the blooms for extra comfort.”

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