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Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy: Obesity Can Reduce The Effectiveness Of The Vaccine

Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy: The flu vaccine is probably more effective in obese people who have lost weight or changed their diet before getting the vaccine.

Obesity is one of the underlying factors of some diseases. During the Covid epidemic, people who were overweight or obese were more exposed to the severe type of Covid. Now, researchers have found that obesity also affects the effectiveness of the vaccine on the body.

Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy, According to New Scientist, the ability of obese mice, whose diet was changed to a low-calorie diet before the injection of the influenza vaccine, increased in the fight against this virus? These results show that influenza vaccine is probably more effective for obese people who have lost weight or changed their diet before vaccination.

Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy

Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy

Stacey Schultz-Cherry, of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, says that even with immunization, obese people are twice as likely to get the disease. They are also more vulnerable to severe cases of this disease. But how obesity may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine or hinder its effectiveness is still unknown.

Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy, To clarify this issue, he and his colleagues examined 20 mice, which were genetically predisposed to obesity, fed a high-fat diet for four months, then injected them with influenza vaccine. Two weeks later, they switched the diet of half of the mice to a low-fat diet, which resulted in significant weight loss. Then they infected these animals with a lethal dose of influenza virus. All mice died except for two mice from the low-fat diet group.

The research team then repeated the experiment in a separate group of mice, but this time half of the rodents started a low-fat diet a month before vaccination, not afterward. When the researchers infected the animals with the same amount of influenza virus, all the mice on the low-fat diet survived, while all the mice on the high-fat diet died.

Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy

Obesity And Vaccine Efficacy, “Weight loss plays a role in vaccine effectiveness, but the timing of weight loss makes a big difference,” says Schultz-Cherry. He emphasizes that further research will determine whether diet or weight loss led to these improvements.

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