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Men’s Curly hair Routine: The 8 Important Techniques For Taking Care Of Men’s Curly hair

Men’s Curly hair Routine: While men’s curly hair is very attractive and beautiful, it is very difficult to maintain and care for it.

Because unlike other hairstyles, you have to observe some things on a daily basis to be able to take good care of your curly hair. In the following article, we will discuss about some important tips for taking care of curly hair in Chashmak website.

Men’s Curly hair Routine

1. Do Not Over Wash The Curly Hair

Men's Curly hair Routine

Men’s Curly hair Routine, Try not to wash your curly hair daily. Daily washing removes the natural oils from curly hair and you will end up with dry and brittle hair. So try to wash your hair at least three times a week. If you need to wash your curly hair frequently, use a conditioner to reduce the drying rate of the skin. In general, taking care of women’s curly hair is more difficult than men’s, that’s why it requires more time and precision.

Men’s Curly hair Routine, Always wash your curly hair with one hand. For those who have straight hair, frequent washing is beneficial for them. But for those who have curly hair, washing too much is harmful. Therefore, in the bathroom, wash your curled hair only once completely to remove all dirt and oil from your hair.

2. Always Use Conditioner

Men’s Curly hair Routine, It is very important to use conditioners and shampoos for curly hair. Because you can have more beautiful curly hair by keeping the moisture of the skin and hair. Of course, you may have oily hair while being curly. In this case, to take care of curly and oily hair, it is better to prepare sulfate-free daily shampoos, which, while cleaning the hair from grease and pollution, maintain its natural moisture. You can safely wash your hair every day with these gentle products.

3. Before Washing, Divide Your Hair Into Several Sections

Men's Curly hair

Men’s Curly hair Routine, Curly hair can be dense and unmanageable, sometimes making it difficult to wash all parts of the hair. Therefore, before washing, divide your hair into 2 or 4 parts and wash completely once. As mentioned before, be sure to use conditioner and shampoo for curly hair to regulate the amount of fat and moisture in the skin.

Men’s Curly hair Routine, Also, many gels and creams are designed to style curly hair and can make them beautiful and well-groomed without drying them too much. If your hair becomes rough after blow drying, it is better to go for silicone hair serums. Spray the serum on the hair before brushing or styling. Only a small amount of serum is enough for the whole hair and you don’t need to empty the spray on your hair.

4. Never Comb Wet Curly Hair

Men’s Curly hair Routine, Curly hair is extremely fragile in tangled or knotted parts. Using an inappropriate brush can also cause tangles and frizzy hair. Using a coarse tooth comb is a suitable and gentle way to detangle curly hair. Also, never comb when your hair is wet, and first dry your hair completely, then moisturize the ends of your curls with conditioner, then comb from the ends of your hair upwards and don’t forget that using a wide-tooth comb.

Men’s Curly hair Routine, You can also gently run your fingers through your hair to untangle curly hair, but it is recommended to use conditioner and a wide-tooth comb to untangle curly hair.

5. Do Not Use A Hair Dryer To Dry Your Hair

men hair

Men’s Curly hair Routine, As much as washing the hair correctly is important in maintaining curly hair, how to dry it is also important. If you have the experience of blow drying, you must know how voluminous and fluffy your hair becomes after this.

Men’s Curly hair Routine, In general, excessive heat from hair dryers changes the hair structure, and over time, your curly hair loses its moisture and becomes very fragile. Therefore, never use hair dryers to dry your curly hair and let them dry naturally or use towels and cotton t-shirts.

6. Moisturize Curly Hair With Natural Oil And Hair Mask

Men’s Curly hair Routine, As mentioned, maintaining the moisture of curly hair is very important. You can maintain the moisture of your curly hair by using special shampoo and conditioner. Also, natural oils such as olive oil and almond oil are good substitutes for conditioners.

It is recommended to use the oil after bathing and drying your hair, so that you can easily style your hair and untangle the knots. First, grease the tips and ends of your hair. Also, making a natural hair mask is extremely effective. Pay attention to the following hair masks:

Men’s Curly hair Routine, Avocado is very suitable for hydration and strength of curly hair. You will be surprised to see the increase in moisture in your curls. Mix avocado with two tablespoons of yogurt to make a paste. Put this mask on your hair and wait for an hour, then wash it with shampoo. In order to nourish your hair more, you can add banana to these ingredients.

7. Cover Your Hair Before Going To Bed


Men’s Curly hair Routine, Frizzy hair during the night leads to mess, tangles and breakage in the morning, which becomes a problem. In order to prevent hair frizz during the night, we suggest to moisten your hair with a little water spray, then cover your hair with a light cotton scarf during the night to prevent frizz. Also, if you don’t like going to bed with a scarf at night, you can replace your cotton pillowcase with satin or silk. Your curly and styled hair is more likely to catch and tangle on the rough surface of the cotton pillowcase. Meanwhile, your hair slides on silk and satin fibers and is less tangled.

8. Cut Your Hair Regularly

Trim your curly hair every 6 weeks

Men’s Curly hair Routine, This tip is more suitable for women with curly hair. It is difficult to style and control long curly women’s hair and it increases the rate of hair loss and knots. Therefore, try to visit the hairdresser once every 6 weeks and cut your curly hair a little and easily prevent frizz.

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