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Men Health: Why Do Men Eat More Meat Than Women?

Men Health: About 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which lead to global warming, come from animal food products.

A new study, published in “Nature Scientific Reports” (Nature Scientific Reports), shows that gender affects people’s interest in eating meat and its choice in the diet. These differences are universal and it is not specific to a particular culture and it is more obvious in developed countries.

Men Health, According to the researchers’ findings, when men and women have financial and social independence in choosing their diet, the difference between them becomes even greater; Men eat more meat and women less. This point is very important, because according to previous research of the University of Illinois, about 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which lead to global warming, come from animal food products.

According to the Associated Press, researchers in this study asked more than 28,000 people in 23 countries on four continents about how much food they consume every day. Then they checked the amount of animal meat consumed (animals that live on land) based on the gender of the people.

Men Health

Men Health

Men Health, The researchers ranked each country’s level of “development” using the United Nations’ Human Development Index, which measures health, education and living standards, as well as the Gender Gap Index and Gender Equality Scale, published by the Center for World Economics.

According to the results, the difference in meat consumption was higher in countries with higher development and gender equality scores, except for three exceptions, China, India and Indonesia.

“The strength of this study is the large number of participants and the cultural diversity of the people who were studied,” says Daniel Rosenfeld, a social psychologist at UCLA who studies eating habits and the psychology of morality.

Men Health, Of course, this research did not answer the question why men tend to eat meat more, but scientists have theories. One evolutionary theory says that women may have been stricter about eating meat due to hormonal reasons, possible contamination of meat and its effect on pregnancy, while men sought the protein in meat due to their hunter-gatherer background.

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