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Distinguish Sweet Watermelon: Tricks To Identify Sweet Watermelon

Identify Sweet Watermelon: Summer is the hot season of the year and the watermelon market is hotter than other fruits like every year.

This juicy fruit can be consumed to escape summer thirsty, cool the body and compensate for dehydration caused by high sweating in hot weather. A cool and juicy watermelon wedge is the body’s best friend in summer, if it is red, sweet and ripe. There are different ways to buy and distinguish sweet, red and ripe watermelon, which we will describe below.

How To Choose Sweet Watermelon

1. Distinguish Sweet Watermelon

Identify Sweet Watermelon

Identify Sweet Watermelon, Most people think that buying a ripe red watermelon is all about luck, but the truth is otherwise. Buying a ripe watermelon depends more on the skill of recognizing good watermelons than luck, and this skill can be obtained by keeping a few points in mind at the time of purchase. Among the tips and methods that help distinguish red and ripe watermelons from unripe and tasteless watermelons, the following can be mentioned:

Identify Sweet Watermelon

2. Pay Attention To The Belly Of The Watermelon

The first way to distinguish ripe watermelons from unripe watermelons is to look at the belly of the watermelon. To diagnose with the help of this method, you need to look for a yellow spot on the belly of the watermelon. The watermelon has been in contact with the ground in the place of the yellow spot.

The darker and larger the spot, the more time the watermelon has been on the ground and the more ripe it is. Naturally, the white and bright color of this spot means that the watermelon is unripe and probably tasteless. Of course, pay attention to the fact that the skin of the watermelon in the place of the stain must be firm and transparent, otherwise there is a possibility that the watermelon will be rotten due to overripeness.

Identify Sweet Watermelon

3. Hit The Watermelon

Identify Sweet Watermelon

Another way to distinguish between sweet and red watermelon is the traditional method of hitting the watermelon skin. If the sound from the blows is low, it means that the watermelon is unripe and harvested before its due date, but if the blows are sharp or low, you have most likely chosen a sweet and ripe watermelon.

Identify Sweet Watermelon

4. Squeeze The Watermelon Rind

The next way to distinguish a ripe watermelon from an unripe one is to squeeze the skin of this fruit. Ripe watermelons have a slightly softer skin than unripe watermelons. Of course, the softness of the watermelon skin should not be too much and it should only be to the extent that a finger can sink into the watermelon skin.

Identify Sweet Watermelon

5. Check The Stem

check the stem

Another old technique to distinguish red and sweet watermelons from white and unripe watermelons is to examine the stem of this fruit. The dry and brown stem indicates that the fruit is ripe, but if the watermelon is picked when it is not yet ripe, the stem is green and fresh, and even if it is dry, its green color is preserved.

Identify Sweet Watermelon

6. Pay Attention To The Lines Of The Watermelon

Paying attention to the dark lines on the watermelon skin is another way that can be used to distinguish a red and ripe watermelon. Usually, the dark lines on the skin mean that the watermelon is ripe, and their lightness indicates that the watermelon is not ripe.

Identify Sweet Watermelon

7. Watermelon Weight Check


Another method that can be used to distinguish a ripe watermelon from an unripe watermelon is to check the weight of the watermelon manually. Weighing a watermelon to determine its ripeness is very simple. Just consider some watermelons and compare their weight by hand. In order to do this, you have to lift the watermelons one by one and finally choose the heaviest watermelon.

Another guaranteed way to buy and distinguish sweet and red watermelon is to buy this fruit with a knife. Ask the seller to cut a part of a watermelon so that you can buy it after checking and if the watermelon is red and colorful.

Identify Sweet Watermelon

8. Smelling Watermelon

Another method that can be used to detect the sweetness of watermelon is to smell this fruit. To use this method, you need to separate the watermelon from other fruits in the store and smell its skin, especially in the head part of the fruit. Red and ripe watermelons have a sweet smell.

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