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14 Marvelous Headband Hairstyles That Look Trendy & fashionable

Headband Hairstyles: Add just the right touch of accessories and bling to achieve the best, elegant hairstyles. Close your eyes and think of Blair Waldorf, the evil dictator of taste, and immediately you think of her classic headband look. Headbands can take any hairstyle from a subpar 3 to a flawless 10! In today’s post, we will discuss the best headband hairstyles you should try out.

Licensed hair stylist and owner of Twisted Scissors Salon, Jessica Shults says, “Not only are headbands a fun and trendy accessory, but they serve a multiple of purposes. I grab a headband whenever I don’t want to wash my hair to conceal my dirty hair with a fashion statement! They also keep hair out of my face, which is really helpful. Anybody that loves accessories loves that headbands are trending again!”

Headband Hairstyles, So, dial up your hairdos with these stunning headbands. Keep reading to check out the different ways you can wear a headband to add oomph to your hair the Blair Waldorf way!

As stylish as headbands are, they also have a bad reputation for snagging hair and leading to breakage around the hairline.

If you have curly and coily hair, use only silk or satin headbands. They look stylish and reduce friction and knotting.

Match your headbands with your outfit for a well-rounded look. If it keeps sliding, secure it with a couple of bobby pins behind the ear.

1. White Pearl Headband With Open Hair

Headband Hairstyles

Headband Hairstyles, Pearls are simply impossible to resist, especially if you are dressing for an elegant affair. Jessica Alba looked stunning at a gala with her medium-length tresses parted down the middle and pushed back with a pearl headband.

2. Updo With A Thin Headband

Headband Hairstyles

Headband Hairstyles, Lupita Nyong’o wore a super skinny bejeweled headband on her updo with a gorgeous floor-length gown to the Oscars to create a simple yet glamorous look. She looked ethereal and nothing less than a modern-day goddess!

3. Boho Updo With A Floral Headband

Headband Hairstyles

Headband Hairstyles, Everyone adores Keira Knightly. And who doesn’t love flowers? Keira added a bright red floral crown to her boho hairstyle for a glamorous movie premiere. The combination of the fun and romantic hairstyle with the bold floral accessory added the perfect touch of sophistication to her look.

4. Messy Hair With A Thin Black Headband

Messy Hair With A Thin Black Headband

Headband Hairstyles, Sarah Chalke’s messy and voluminous hair with a timeless minimalist headband at a fashion event in Hollywood is proof that headbands work for every type of outfit and occasion. It complements her black dress and diamond earrings to create a modern classic look.

5. Woven And Jeweled Headband

Woven And Jeweled Headband

Headband Hairstyles, Salma Hayek wore a wide open-weave headband with jewels studded all over it, and she finished off the look with a braided faux headband at the crown of her shiny hair. The dazzling addition to her classic bun instantly glammed up her attire.

6. Sleek Bun With Embellished Headband

Sleek Bun With Embellished Headband

Headband Hairstyles, For the ultimate princess style, wear a sleek bun with a double-row embellished headband. Perfect for a night out with the girls, a formal occasion or a hot date, all you need to pull this headband off is a Sasha Luss type of a hairstyle and natural makeup.

7. Ponytail With Headband

Ponytail With Headband

Headband Hairstyles, Thinking about skipping your brunch because of a bad hair day? There is an easy trick to solve your problem; just grab your hair, pull it into a low ponytail, and add a gold headband to it. Make it trendy like Johanna Klum, who rocks a loose and messy hairstyle with a headband.

8. Full Fringe Bun With Intricate Headband

Full Fringe Bun With Intricate Headband

Headband Hairstyles, If you have fringes, you know headbands were made for you, right? For this sophisticated look, perfect for a festival or a girl’s night out, keep your bun undone and the rest of your bijoux to a minimum. You could side sweep your long bangs, but for that extra impact and romantic look, try rocking the headband behind your fringe à la Dianna Agron.

9. Long Bob With Gold Headband

Long Bob With Gold Headband

Headband Hairstyles, Long bob, floral dress, and a distant sun headband—go all edgy and glamorous with this chic look. Take a tip from Alex Smith-Kirk and keep the rest of your look simple; avoid caked-on makeup, flashy clothes, and dangly accessories altogether.

10. Long Hair With Floral Headband

Long Hair With Floral Headband

Headband Hairstyles, If your hair is long, the right headband is a no-brainer addition to make it glamorous. In Zara Martin’s case, she chose a big, chunky, floral headband that lies flat against her head. So, if you are looking for headband styles for long hair, make sure the color of the accessory matches the color of your dress or contrasts with your hair color. This will help your look really stand out!

11. Wavy Hair With Boho Head Chain

Wavy Hair With Boho Head Chain

Headband Hairstyles, Proving that more can be sexy, Sarah Ellen pairs her glittery dress with a sparkling bohemian head chain. Perfect for any occasion, we love how the bedazzled piece contrasts with her tousled waves; a style that adds a certain elegance to a simple hairdo.

12. Braided Bun With Tiara

Braided Bun With Tiara

Headband Hairstyles, Actress Emmy Rossum matches her simple braided bun, impeccable makeup, subtle eyes and shimmery lips with a gorgeous headpiece. Since the tiara is totally glam, the actress matched it with a simple braided bun to let the jeweled headpiece take the spotlight.

13. Braided Updo With Knotted Headband

Braided Updo With Knotted Headband

Headband Hairstyles, A stretchy knotted headband is perfect for an edgy, downtown girl like Katy Perry. Perfect for straight hair, the singer looks stunning with her braided updo at the 28 Annual Aria Awards. A great style to show off your flawless skin, the headband enhanced the embellished frock giving her hairdo an edgy and chic focal point.

14. Angular Bob With Leather Headband

Angular Bob With Leather Headband

Headband Hairstyles, Ashlee Simpson’s leather headband is a simple way to infuse a bit of fun into her edgy bob. The black headband is fresh against her blonde hair, and she pairs it with a cute top and leather skirt that never go out of style.

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