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Hair Fall Causes: Hair Fall Types, Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Hair Fall Causes: In stressful and busy lives, hair problems are very common. Most people can’t get away with their hair problems easily because the cause could be internal or external. Most of the times modern lifestyle problems & hormonal imbalance are the cause of their hair problems.

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Most Common Causes & symptoms of Hair Loss are

1 Modern Lifestyle

People are working at odd Hours, Stress & strain, Sleep disturbances, Lot of use of chemical based shampoo, conditioners, colours & hair style products.

Hair Fall Types Causes

2. Hair loss in male & female baldness Patterns

There are different reasons for the hair loss such as Male or Female pattern hair loss could be permanent causing baldness.It is mostly genetic. Iron deficiency, protein deficiency, pregnancy -childbirth and certain medications can also cause hair loss.

3 Alopecia areata causes

Another condition where sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches is called alopecia areata. Its Causes mostly are immunological problems after any major or prolong illness. In Homoeopathy we build the natural immunity of person & thus cure it completely. Otherwise in modern medicine they internal or external steroidal treatment which is having lots of side effects.

4. Dandruff

Hair Fall Causes, This is the most common hair problem faced by men & women today. Dandruff is the small scaly particles found at the root of the hair I.e. at the base. Reasoned for the accumulation of dandruff may be a poor diet, stomach infection and even a slow rate of metabolism along with other diseases like thyroid imbalance. In today’s stressful life, work pressure and tension can also be a reason for dandruff.

Hair Fall Types Causes

5. Grey hair

Hair Fall Causes, Hair gets its colour from a pigment called melanin, which is produced by melanocyte cells in the hair follicles.  It is been discovered that melanocyte endure cumulative damage could be because of stress ,aging, or genetic reasons and it build-up of hydrogen peroxide in the follicles possible cause of melanin disruption in melanin production.  The effects of such can be reversed or delayed with the help of scientific treatment of Homeopathy.

 Hair fall care at home

  1. Wash hair with lukewarm water.
  2. Condition correctly with natural oil or products.

3.Cleaning through gentle shampoo or natural cleanser like Shikakai with reetha & amla  or Gram powdered on the scalp which produces oil and, is the area that really needs cleansing.

  1. Be extra thorough with rinsing that means rinsing out any remaining product.
  2. Don’t dry off using a towel.
  3. Protect hair before styling.

Hair Fall Types Causes

  1. Scalp needs care too, give your scalp a good coconut oiling massage, keep it overnight.
  2. Shield your strands from UV Ray’s
  3. Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair.

Homeopathic treatment for stopping hair fall  & Hair growth

Hair Fall Causes, Treatment in Homeopathy is different from conventional drugs and hair replacement treatment and surgeries. In other words, it’s never the same remedy for two different people.  A homeopathic practitioner is trained to make a detailed case profile of the patient to determine the root cause of the problem

Hair Fall Types Causes

Few homeopathic remedies for hair fall

Hair Fall Causes, If you are under menopausal stress or suffering poor hair during and after parturition (after pregnancy) with indifference to the surroundings, then sepia is the medicine, thus removing the root cause of the hair problem.

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