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The 10 Best Brain Foods To Boost Focus And Memory

Foods To Boost Focus: While we’ve always known that what we eat affects our bodies and how we look, scientists continue to uncover evidence that what we eat plays a huge role in the health of our brains.

Yes, when it comes to staying mentally sharp and focused, eating plenty of brain foods matters, especially for our gray matter.

The gut and the brain are tightly connected, and when we focus on giving our bodies whole, nutritious foods, we help take care of both.

Foods To Boost Focus, Which foods are best for your brain? Among the top brain-healthy foods are fruits, veggies, oils and even chocolate (yes, chocolate!). There’s something to please everyone!

What Is A Brain Food?

Foods To Boost Focus, Brain foods are those that are rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. They provide your brain with energy and aid in protecting brain cells, which helps ward off development of brain diseases.

How exactly do healthy foods for brain function aid in mental health? Once way is by supporting gut function and a healthy inflammation response.

Foods To Boost Focus, A number of important hormones and neurotransmitters are created in the gut and are then able to enter the brain, which influences cognitive abilities, such as understanding and processing new information, plus memory and concentration. This means that a well-functioning gut is essential for sending the brain the kind of chemical signals that keep help us functioning at our best.

A poor-quality diet can cause our bodies to release more inflammatory cytokines, which studies show can contribute to inflammation that can wind up damaging the brain.

Foods To Boost Focus, While inflammation helps protect us against illnesses and repairs the body when you do something like cut yourself, chronic inflammation is a different animal. It’s been linked to a number of mental/cognitive conditions, including dementia, cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease, among other age-related issues.

Top 10 Brain Foods

Foods To Boost Focus, What are the top brain foods? Below are foods for brain health that experts recommend regularly including in your diet to help stave of age-related cognitive decline:

1. Avocados

Foods To Boost Focus

Foods To Boost Focus, While avocados often get a bad rep because of their high fat content, it’s important to note that these green powerhouses are packed with monounsaturated fats or the “good” kind, which have been shown to lower rates of cognitive decline and keep blood sugar levels steady.

Containing both vitamin K and folate, avocados help prevent blood clots in the brain (protecting against stroke), as well as help improve brain functions related to memory and concentration.

Foods To Boost Focus, They’re also rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, which aren’t stored in your body and need to be replenished daily. Plus, they have the highest protein and lowest sugar content of any fruit. Not too shabby!

Avocados’ creamy texture makes them a smart addition to smoothies and a replacement for fats in baked goods, or try these brain foods in one of these 50 amazing and easy avocado recipes.

2. Beets

Foods To Boost Focus, Beets are root vegetables and some of the most nutritious foods for the brain that you can eat considering they help reduce inflammation, are high in cancer-protecting antioxidants and help rid your blood of toxins.

The natural nitrates in beets actually boost blood flow to the brain, helping with mental performance. Plus, during tough workouts, beets actually help boost energy and performance levels. Try them in this borscht recipe.

3. Blueberries + Other Berries

Foods To Boost Focus

Foods To Boost Focus, Proving that great things do come in small packages, blueberries and other berries (like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.) are fruits that experts recommend consuming daily. That’s because they’ve got so many great benefits ­while tasting like an all-natural candy!

For starters, blueberries are one of the highest antioxidant-rich foods known to man, including vitamin C and vitamin K and fiber. Because of their high levels of Gallic acid, blueberries are especially good at protecting our brains from degeneration, cognitive decline and stress.

Foods To Boost Focus, Get your daily dose of brain berries in an omega blueberry smoothie or in a healthy blueberry cobbler.

4. Bone Broth

Bone Broth

Foods To Boost Focus, Bone broth is the ultimate food for healing your gut and, in turn, helps heal your brain. This ancient food is full of benefits, ranging from boosting your immune system to overcoming leaky gut, improving joint health and overcoming food allergies.

Its high levels of collagen help reduce intestinal inflammation, and healing amino acids like proline and glycine keep your immune system functioning properly and help improve memory.

Foods To Boost Focus, Bone broth is what I prescribe most frequently to my patients because it truly helps heal your body from the inside out. You’ll also be surprised at how simple and economical it is to make at home with my beef bone broth recipe.

5. Broccoli + Other Cruciferous Veggies

Foods To Boost Focus, Your mom got it right when she told you to eat your broccoli. Along with related veggies like cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts, broccoli is one of the best brain-healthy foods out there thanks to its high levels of vitamin K and choline, which can help keep your memory sharp.

It’s also loaded with vitamin C — in fact, just one cup provides you with 150 percent of your recommended daily intake. Additionally it contains a number of phytonutrients that protect brain cells against oxidative stress.

Foods To Boost Focus, Broccoli is high in fiber too, meaning that you’ll feel full quickly. If you’ve only chowed down on overcooked, tasteless broccoli, you’ll love my crockpot beef and broccoli, creamy broccoli soup and broccoli pesto dip — they’ll turn you into a broccoli lover fast!

6. Celery


Foods To Boost Focus, For a vegetable with such few calories (just 16 per cup!), celery sure does offer a lot of benefits. Its high levels of antioxidants and polysaccharides act as natural anti-inflammatories and can help alleviate symptoms related to inflammation, like joint pain and irritable bowel syndrome.

Because it’s so nutrient-dense — packing loads of vitamins, minerals and nutrients with very little calories — it’s a great snack option if you’re looking to shed pounds. While we often eat celery stalks, don’t skip the seeds and leaves. Both provide extra benefits and taste great in things like stir fries and soups.

Foods To Boost Focus, Not sure where to begin with eating more celery? Try my easy ants on a log or refreshing super hydrator juice recipes.

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Foods To Boost Focus, With so many coconut oil uses, there’s almost nothing that coconut oil can’t help. When it comes to your brain, it can help suppress cells that are responsible for inflammation. It may also help with memory loss as you age and fight bad bacteria that hang out in your gut.

Coconut oil and related MTC oil are also two of the most popular fats for people following the ketogenic diet, which research suggests may offer benefits related to reduced Alzheimer’s risk due to ketone bodies having a neuroprotective impact on aging brain cells..

Foods To Boost Focus, Get your dose of coconut oil in this coconut crust pizza. Real coconut milk and coconut flakes also provide healthy fats and even some fiber for gut support, too.

8. Dark Chocolate

Foods To Boost Focus, Not all chocolate is created equal. In fact, dark chocolate can actually be very good for you!

Chocolate is chock-full of flavonols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show cocoa can increase cerebral blood flow and cerebral blood oxygenation — plus it can help lower blood pressure and oxidative stress in the brain and heart.

Foods To Boost Focus, But don’t go wild munching on Hershey’s Kisses just yet. Most of the chocolate you see on supermarket shelves is highly processed and is not considered a great food for the brain.

The rule of thumb is the darker the chocolate, the more perks it offers.

Skip milk and white chocolates, and opt for a minimally processed dark chocolate with at least 70 percent of cocoa. This ensures you’ll get your cocoa fix and its brain benefits!

Foods To Boost Focus, Satisfy your sweet tooth with these dark chocolate almond butter cookies or chocolate-covered berries.

9. Egg Yolks

Egg Yolks

Foods To Boost Focus, On the nutritional naughty list for years, egg yolks are finally experiencing their well-deserved day in the sun. If you’ve been having only egg whites, the yolk’s on you.

Yolks contain large amounts of choline, which helps in fetal brain development for pregnant women. It also breaks down bethane, a chemical that produces hormones related to feelings of well-being.

Foods To Boost Focus, If you’ve kept away from consuming eggs whole because of cholesterol concerns, there’s good news. Studies show that eating eggs typically has no effect on the cholesterol levels of healthy adults and might, in fact, help raise good cholesterol levels.

It’s also one of the most inexpensive sources of protein out there. Just be sure you buy organic, free-range eggs.

Foods To Boost Focus, Need some egg-spiration? I love these baked eggs and spinach and breakfast salmon egg bake. For even more ideas, try whipping up one of these delicious egg recipes.

10. Green Leafy Vegetables

green leafy vegetables

Foods To Boost Focus, It turns out that Popeye was onto something with his spinach obsession. Getting regular helpings of leafy green brain foods — like kale, Swiss chard and romaine lettuce — can help keep dementia at bay according to new research.

In the study, which evaluated the eating habits and mental ability of more than 950 older adults for an average of five years, those adults who ate a serving of leafy green veggies once or twice a day experienced slower mental deterioration than those who ate no vegetables, even when factors like age, education and family history of dementia were factored in.

Foods To Boost Focus, When it comes to brain power, greens should be on your plate (and cover a lot of that plate) every meal.

“Leafy greens are a great base. You swap out a lot of the empty carbohydrates you get from things like pastas or breads, and you can use some leafy greens,” says psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD, author of The Happiness Diet and Eat Complete: The 21 Nutrients That Fuel Brainpower, Boost Weight Loss, and Transform Your Health. “Again, just lots of nutrient density.”

Foods To Boost Focus, Green leafy vegetables are also loaded with vitamins A and K (just one cup of kale has more than 684 percent of your recommended daily serving!), which help fight inflammation and keep bones strong. Reap the benefits of these brain foods with a mango walnut spinach salad or kale chips.

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