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The 5 Famous Korean Soups That Are Very Nutritious

Famous Korean Soups: We are not very familiar with the famous Korean soups. And today I bring you this 5 famous Korean soups that are popular and nutritious in the world and have many fans.

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1. Galbi-tang

Famous Korean Soups

Famous Korean Soups, It is one of the famous Korean soups made with beef. This delicious soup is eaten as an independent meal and is prepared by boiling meat and a whole radish for about 4 to 5 hours. When cooked, the meat is seasoned with garlic, ground pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds and salt.

2. Kong Oxo

Famous Korean Soups, It is a classic Korean summer soup and one of the famous Korean soups, which is a combination of noodles and soy milk. Traditionally, water is made by cooking and pureeing soybeans, occasionally adding sesame seeds or various nuts. This dish is usually prepared with noodles and decorated by adding different toppings such as cucumber or tomato.

3. Yanchi Goksu

Famous Korean soups

Famous Korean Soups, It is a Korean dish consisting of somyeon wheat noodles served in a clear anchovy (fish) or beef broth. The dish is usually garnished with slices of egg (jidan), seaweed (gim), carrot, shiitake mushroom or zucchini, and is usually served with yangneumjang – a spicy dip made with soy sauce.

4. Calgoxo

It is a favorite summer dish of many South Koreans, which is usually served during rainy seasons and windy summer days. It consists of handmade wheat flour noodles and eggs in a broth usually made with oysters, dried anchovies, and kelp.

5. Naang Guk

Naang Guk

Famous Korean Soups, It is a common name for a group of South Korean cold soups that are usually consumed in summer. It is believed that there is nothing better than a bowl of cold nanguk on a hot summer day.

Soups are usually divided into two main categories: for the first category, cold water is combined with vinegar and ingredients such as cucumber, spring onion, garlic, wakame or seaweed.

The second category of nanguk is for soups that are good for health, such as those made with sesame, soy, or chicken.

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