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Breast Glue; The Secret Of The Stars’ Good Looks On The Red Carpet

Breast Glue: How can you have well-shaped breasts like the style of dresses on the red carpet without wearing a bra?

The sharp eyes of women on the red carpet or the catwalk are looking for an answer to one question: How do these clothes stay on the body? And more importantly, how can you have well-shaped breasts that match the style of these clothes without wearing a bra?

Puberty causes many changes in women’s bodies, one of which is breast enlargement. It is a generous organ on which human life depends. But sometimes it is troublesome for its wearers, especially when it is not used for breastfeeding and should serve the beauty of the female body.

Breast Glue, Every woman whose breasts are so large that they need a retainer to keep them in place, is also involved in choosing the most appropriate bra. Now there is a different alternative, which means that the bra may be out of date.

The latest innovation in breast support technology, which allows one to shape the breasts according to physical and aesthetic needs, is the tape.

According to the New York Times, using breast implants to achieve a certain shape is not a new idea. Athletes, transgender men, and nonbinary people have long used tape to cover their breasts. Kim Kardashian said in 2016 that one of the secrets of her beautiful body on the red carpet is the use of adhesive tape to raise her breasts.

Breast Glue, The only problem with using adhesive tape is removing it from the body. Kardashian also says, “Just prepare yourself for the timing!” Our advice is to take Kim’s warning seriously, because peeling off industrial glue may harm the body as well as cause skin irritation and broken capillaries.

It was these problems that led to another business idea: making a glue that is painless and harmless to remove.

Breast Glue; The Secret Of The Stars’ Good Looks On The Red Carpet

Breast Glue

Stephanie Montez, a former fashion and beauty writer, launched Nue in January 2020. This thought first came to her mind more than a year ago, that is, when she was dressing for her cousin’s wedding. The dress she wanted to wear had a neckline that no bra would fit. So, she tried the Kardashian-approved duct tape method.

The tape worked, except for the excruciating pain of peeling it off. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, why did I do this to myself?'” she says.

Breast Glue, Montez found a few brands on the market that sold such adhesives, but he didn’t like that the products generally only came in a light beige color (for whites) and were often suited to young, skinny models.

Breast Glue, It took months for Montez to design his own product and find a manufacturer who could produce this waterproof, latex-free adhesive for different skin tones.

Other people and companies have also gone to this idea. Adhesive tape queen Kim Kardashian launched a body adhesive line called Skims in 2019, but the product is now no longer available for sale on the company’s website.

Breast Glue, Underwear evolved to reflect the aesthetic ideals of the time. At the turn of the 20th century, we moved from heavy, uncomfortable corsets that focused on eliminating or emphasizing body curves to light, soft fabric bras.

Valerie Steele, senior museum curator at the Fashion Institute of Technology, told The New York Times that the trend was a shift in beauty ideals from the highly voluptuous and perfect Victorian ideal to a younger, leaner ideal. A fashion writer around 1900 called this change “the change from Venus to Diana”.

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