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Visual IQ test Game: Put Your Sense Of Observation To The Test. Find The Tomato In Less Than 20 Seconds!

Visual IQ test Game: Here is a visual puzzle that requires careful analysis of all the visual elements in the image in order to solve them quickly. Before you perform the following visual test, remember this: visual puzzles are perfect activities for fun and relaxation.

Faced with this type of puzzle, you will see how much your stress and fatigue will have reduced while having calm mind.

Visual IQ test Game, Especially since once you have found the solution to the puzzle, you feel a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Don’t wait any longer and take on today’s visual challenge now!

Visual IQ test Game: “Where is the tomato in this picture?

Visual IQ test Game, Today’s challenge is to find a tomato in a picture filled with pretty flowers, an apple tree and a farmer.

In order to solve this visual puzzle, you must observe the image carefully while having a keen eye for details and good concentration, because the tomato is quite difficult to locate.

Visual IQ test Game

Image Source: Radiotips

Visual IQ test Game, To do this visual test, you have a time limit to respect, an additional challenge which makes this visual game even more stimulating. You have 20 seconds to look at this image and try to spot the tomato. Up to you!

Visual IQ test Game: the correct answer

Visual IQ test Game, The 20 seconds have passed. How did you get out of it? Have you spotted the tomato hidden on this farm?

Do you think you found the right answer? Check it with the solution below.

The solution

Visual IQ test Game, Do you see the scarecrow? The tomato is to his right on his shoulder.

Visual IQ test Game

If you gave the correct answer, congratulations! You do indeed have a good sense of observation and good visual acuity. And having succeeded in less than 20 seconds means that you have excellent speed of analysis and deduction.

Visual IQ test Game, Found the tomato, but ran out of time? We invite you to develop your speed of thinking and observation with our time-limited IQ tests. You will see that with practice, 20 seconds will be too much next time!

Didn’t find the tomato? Don’t worry, you just need to develop your sense of detail and observation. To do this, there is nothing more effective than visual tests and fun observation tests. You will find different types on our site.

You can always view and study more brain teaser, intellectual games, puzzles and personality tests in the entertainment section of Chashmak Website.  Share them with your friends if you like. Especially those who are interested knowing themselves better and having fun. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your comments and suggestions.

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