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Tea Personality Test: What Does Your Favorite Tea Say About You?

Tea Personality Test: Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world and traces its origins to ancient China. The British introduced tea to India, and it has now become the favourite beverage of over a billion people.

Tea contains a high dose of caffeine, which is a highly addictive and mood-altering chemical. But caffeine affects people differently, and thus everyone develops a preference or taste for particular types of tea. You may be a die-hard tea lover who enjoys the drink in any form, but there is definitely one type of tea that you like the most. That’s your favorite tea. It can be green tea, black tea, or the classic Indian tea, chai.

Tea Personality Test, Studies have revealed that your personality and taste are directly interlinked. The same applies to your favorite beverages, like tea and coffee. Your favorite tea both influences and is influenced by your dominant personality traits and nature. Dive in to find out what your favorite type of tea reveals about your personality.

1. Black Tea

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Tea Personality Test, Black tea is the leading variety of tea in terms of both production and consumption in the world. It’s available on every counter and every kitchen shelf from Asia to Europe. Black tea has the highest amount of caffeine and serves to satisfy high-energy individuals. Strong, refreshing, and with a touch of royalty, black tea symbolizes a dominant and powerful personality. You are straightforward and never beat around the bush if you want something.

You aren’t afraid of judgement and freely voice your opinions. You also have incredible energy, which you use to achieve your goals. You are great at maintaining relationships but are not a people person, as you rarely have time for others.

2. Indian Tea or Chai

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Tea Personality Test, Indian tea, or Chai as it’s now called worldwide, is a type of drink made from black tea, sugar, milk, and several other herbs and spices. Chai is a tea that prioritizes flavor and taste above all else. So, if you prefer chai to other types of tea, it shows that you have an enthusiastic and cheerful personality. You crave fun experiences in life and have great ambitions.

You are the type of person who always aims for the stars and never settles for less. You are a social butterfly and radiate vibrance onto others as well. You blend well with people and have a large and. You are also positive and optimistic, and you always see the bright side rather than dwell in melancholy.

3. Green Tea


Tea Personality Test, Green tea is made from the same tea plant as black tea, except it is produced from leaves that aren’t oxidized. Green tea is one of the least processed types of tea in the world, so it’s the go-to tea for health lovers. If your favorite tea is also green tea, it indicates that you value your well-being and take good care of yourself.

You like to party and have fun, but only to a limit. And only after you’re done with your work. Green tea lovers aren’t much for slacking and laziness. You stay calm and composed even during stressful moments and are able to make decisions under pressure. You are also creative and optimistic.

4. Chamomile Tea

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Tea Personality Test, Chamomile tea is a herbal tea that’s even more healthy than green tea. However, unlike green tea, chamomile tea is delicious as well. Full of anti-depressants, chamomile tea is known for its relaxing properties. If you like chamomile tea, you live a stressful life. You barely have time for yourself and are always on the go. You like to organize and make plans.

But you easily fall into anxiety if things don’t go your way. You are the type of person who makes backup plans for backup plans. However, when you’re calm, you become the most lively and pleasant person to be around. You have a sweet and sensitive nature and are deeply empathetic. You are also highly imaginative and intelligent.

5. Iced Tea


Tea Personality Test, Iced Tea Most people prefer to enjoy their tea seething hot but there are a few who like cold tea. Iced tea is a refreshing thirst quencher that’s low on the richness of tea but high on taste and satisfaction. No matter what flavor of iced tea you choose, be it lemon or peach, if you like iced tea, you are an easygoing and relaxed person.

You have a laid-back personality and tend to go with the flow. You lack strong willpower and easily give in to temptation. You just can’t resist a delicious dessert even if you are stuffed to the gills. However, you are also kind, selfless and smart. You know what to say and when to say it. You prefer to be by yourself but aren’t a complete recluse. You are like a chameleon and vary your moods and desires frequently.

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