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Picture Personality Test: Can You Tell Who Broke The Vase? Your Choice Reveals Your Hidden Traits

Picture Personality Test: This amazing mind quiz is a great test of your judgment which will help you explore your hidden personality traits, nature, and behavioral traits. Here, we have a picture personality test in which we want you to choose the culprit who broke the vase. Take your time to choose the culprit based on your instinct, perception, and judgment.

Picture Personality Test: Who Broke Vase? Your Choice Reveals Your Hidden Traits

He surely does look like someone who broke the vase by the way he is fixated on looking at the broken pieces. He almost looks guilty. All the other children are also looking at him and pointing at him. But who knows? What if they are trying to make him the scapegoat? Maybe he is feeling bad because the broken vase may upset and make his mother sad.

If you chose Child A

Picture Personality Test

Picture Personality Test, You are careful with everyone around you. You are responsible, reliable, and detail-oriented. You take your decisions after thinking carefully about everything. You will not rush into anything. You are highly observant and take notice of everyone’s body language and behavior.

You are meticulous, systematic, analytical, and attentive to details. You may be a forward-thinking and assertive kind of person. You may not take decisions based entirely on emotions. You look for meaning and significance in life. You have a need to care, encourage, and contribute to your surroundings and relations. You are a natural visionary, non-conformist, and problem-solver kind of individual.

Key Personality Traits:


Detail Oriented

Leadership Qualities



If you chose Child B

personality test

Picture Personality Test, She looks like the eldest child who maybe was sitting there when the vase broke. She is looking at Child A with affectionate eyes. She seems like she is not judging or getting angry rather she seems to be nurturing and caring. She seems like who understands mistakes happen.

If you chose Child B, You are good at understanding people and not leaving their side during their troubled times. You may not judge or conclude opinions about people right away. You will try to know them first. You are a very conscientious person. You understand that people are not perfect and mistakes can happen to anyone.

You value integrity and unity in relationships. You are a natural romantic and nurturer. You enjoy connections that encourage expressions and acceptance. You may be one of those extremely helpful individuals who give more importance to relationships than other aspects of life. You are likely to make decisions based on emotions. You want to be understood and appreciated.

Key Personality Traits:





Not quick to judge

If you choose Child C

picture test

Picture Personality Test, This child looks mischievous, especially with his hands inside his pockets. He is grinning and seems like putting the blame on others. He seems to find the situation funny. He also almost seems like he is super confident that he won’t be blamed for the broken vase, even if he was actually who broke it.

If you chose Child C, You tend to possess exceptional confidence and leadership skills. You are able to recognize problems and the most apt solutions. You may be skilled at turning around situations and opportunities to your advantage. Under negative circumstances, you can also be pretentious, snobbish, and arrogant.

You love living in the present. You enjoy every moment to the fullest. You love spontaneity in your work. You love creating new ideas. You have a strong independent streak. You may highly ambitious. You may like to be the center of attention. You may be highly competitive and may have learned to keep a good grip on your emotions.

Key Personality Traits:






If you choose Child D

personality picture

Picture Personality Test, This little girl seems to be scared and almost in tears. She is holding onto her mother’s dress. She seems to be overwhelmed by emotions due to a bad event. She may be worried that being the youngest, she might be pinned with the blame.

If you chose Child D, You may trust others easily. You may be sensitive and emotional. You want to be understood and appreciated. You may always try to be a better person. You prefer to lead by a ‘head over heart’ approach. You are easy to talk to and a good listener. However, you become uneasy if you feel controlled too much by your emotions.

You like to work on yourself and your goals to achieve success. You love to learn new things and concepts. You abide by high morals while working also. In your adult life also, you may find yourself on a quest to discover yourself. You may seek outer validation a lot to feel good about yourself. You may be needed to be reminded about your uniqueness and abilities.

Key Personality Traits:


Emotionally available

Trusting easily


Easy going

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