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Observation Tests: Find The Sunflower In Less Than 5 Seconds

Observation Tests: It’s time to test your IQ with this personality test and at the same time your nature, emotional or rational.

This reality and perception test shows your interest in nature. Some people can be very emotional and their feelings take over in all circumstances.

Observation Tests, Others are more rational and analyze a situation before acting.

Observation Test Details

Observation Tests, In this observation test, your mission is to find the sunflower in this group of bees in 5 seconds. Depending on your visual acuity and your sense of observation, you will quickly find the flower or not.

Observation Tests

Image Source: Radiotips

Indeed, it seems easy at first, but the bee and the sunflower have the same colors, which can create confusion.

Observation Tests, After discovering the flower, you will know your true nature. To take this observation test, you must not cheat in order to obtain a conclusive result.

A rational person

Observation Tests, This kind of person discovers the sunflower among the bees in 5 seconds. You do not let yourself be dominated by your feelings, whether with your colleagues, your friends or your family. You start thinking before deciding something.

Observation Tests, The rational nature is innate in you and whatever the circumstances, you think carefully so as not to have prejudices and confuse things. You analyze deeply to be fair and correct without feeling guilty even if you are criticized.

A sensitive person

Observation Tests, If you took more time to find the flower, you are a strong person, but above all sentimental. You take everything to heart and you feel concerned by the situations experienced by others.

Sentimental as you are, you easily capitulate to people who ask for your support because you cannot bear to see them suffer. Very generous, you give without counting and you know in return that you will be amply rewarded.

Answer to the test

Observation Tests, So, did you manage to find the sunflower in 5 seconds? If so, congratulations! This means that you have good visual ability in addition to being a keen observer.

If you didn’t pass the test, we’ll give you a helping hand. Look at the image below to see the solution.

Observation Tests

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