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Math Puzzle IQ Test: Do You Think You Have Good Logical Reasoning To Solve This Math Puzzle?

Math Puzzle IQ Test: Be one of the rare geniuses who managed to solve this mathematical puzzle in less time than it takes! Solving a math puzzle is about stimulating your brain and pushing your thinking. It mainly tests your logical reasoning, beyond your calculation skills.

Math Puzzle IQ Test, This type of complex challenge helps you recreationally work on your math skills and your ability to solve problems, no matter how complex they may be. If the concept appeals to you, discover our IQ test of the day.

Math Puzzle IQ Test: “What is the answer to the math riddle?” »

Math Puzzle IQ Test, Taking the time and effort to solve a math puzzle is beneficial in many ways for mental and cognitive health. This helps you to unwind between two tasks.

This type of riddle keeps your brain sharp and improves your math aptitude skills. But still, it elevates your level of thinking.

Math Puzzle IQ Test, This challenge works your critical thinking with your logical reasoning in problem solving. Finally, it refreshes your memory and boosts your ability to retain information.

In the image puzzle, you will certainly be able to improve your mind. It consists of a series of operations 1 + 12 = 3, 2 + 23 = 10, 3 + 34 = ?

Math Puzzle IQ Test, You need to find the unknown of the third operation. To do this, use your logic! Understand that there is a common concept to these three operations.

Math Puzzle IQ Test

Image Source: Radiotips

Math Puzzle IQ Test, If you feel capable of finding this stranger, go for it!

Math Puzzle IQ Test: the correct answer

Math Puzzle IQ Test, No matter how long it took you to find the answer, you have already done your best to understand the intricacies of the problem at hand. Now it’s time to check your answer.

Math Puzzle IQ Test: The solution

Math Puzzle IQ Test, To solve this mathematical puzzle, it is important to identify the logical concept common to the three operations. By examining each element of the equation, you should come up with the following concept:

In 1 + 12 = 3, let’s put 1 + 12 = 1 x (1 + 2) = 1 × 3 = 3.

Let us verify this principle in the second operation:

In 2 + 23 = 10, let’s put 2 + 23 = 2 x (2 + 3) = 2 × 5 = 10.

Math Puzzle IQ Test, This demonstrates that the concept of the first operation is verifiable in the second operation. You can then apply it in the equation with an unknown.

So, you have:

3 + 34 = 3x (3 + 4) = 3 × 7 = 21.

Math Puzzle IQ Test, The unknown to find is therefore the number 21. This allows us to pose the third equation: 3 + 34 = 21.

Math Puzzle IQ Test

Image Source: Radiotips

Math Puzzle IQ Test, If you managed to find this result, it means that you have excellent mathematical logical reasoning. Your brain is sharp and knows how to solve problems.

Your intelligence is all the greater if you were able to succeed in a minimum of time. On the other hand, if you haven’t managed to obtain this product, don’t worry!

Math Puzzle IQ Test, You can very well stimulate your brain so that it finds a better level of thinking. To do this, don’t hesitate to try our other IQ tests to sharpen your critical thinking skills.

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Benefits of Brain Teasers

Picture brain teasers are a type of visual puzzle that can be used for various purposes, including:

Entertainment: Picture brain teasers can be a fun and engaging activity for people of all ages. They can be used at parties, social gatherings, or even as a solo activity to pass the time.

Educational purposes: Picture brain teasers can be used in schools or other educational settings to help students develop critical thinking skills, visual processing skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Cognitive development: Picture brain teasers can be used to stimulate cognitive development in children, helping them to improve their observation skills, memory, and attention to detail.

Therapeutic purposes: Picture brain teasers can be used as a form of therapy for people recovering from brain injuries, stroke, or other cognitive impairments. They can help to retrain the brain and improve cognitive function.

Recruitment tool: Picture brain teasers can be used by employers as part of their recruitment process to assess a candidate’s problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and critical thinking skills.

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