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Logical Visual Test: Will You Be Able To Find The Second Dog In Less Than 5 Seconds Intelligent Friends?

Logical Visual Test: Expect an extraordinary fun experience by taking on our second dog challenge! Have you ever wondered if you still have good eyes? Is your vision still as sharp as ever or does it fail you sometimes?

To find out, you don’t need to look for noon to two p.m.! Just put your visual skills to the test with our test of the day.

Before you know it, you’ll know if you have the sharp eyes of an eagle to be able to see details.

Logical Visual Test: where is the second dog in the image hiding?

Logical Visual Test, Discover the exciting world of visual tests with our challenge of the day. This is more than just a distraction. It can also stimulate your visual skills and test your vision ability.

Whether you are an adult wishing to improve your eyesight or a child wishing to develop your visual intelligence, this challenge remains the ideal way to find out your skills and have fun.

Logical Visual Test, In this riddle, you have in particular an image of children playing in the snow. If you look closely at the picture, you will see that there is a dog in Santa’s sleigh.

However, this is not the only canine present in the setting. There is a second, well-camouflaged dog.

Logical Visual Test

Image Source: Radiotips

Logical Visual Test, Then try to locate this hidden animal in 5 seconds and you will win the challenge! You will thus demonstrate that you are an undisputed master of observation!

Logical Visual Test: the correct answer

Logical Visual Test, This is the moment of truth! After 5 seconds of looking for the second dog, the time has come to take stock. Did you find it? If this is not the case, don’t panic! We have the answer right below!

The solution

Logical Visual Test, The second dog is far from easy to locate. It hides subtly in the image. If you open your eyes and comb through every detail of the image, you will see that the second canine is behind the small child on the left.

To be more precise, you can see that he is hiding next to the door of the house on the left. This is the animal that had to be flushed out.

Logical Visual Test

Logical Visual Test, Are you one of those who discovered this animal? If so, we congratulate you. Your sense of observation is exceptional and you have proven that your eyes are as infallible as ever.

Logical Visual Test, On the other hand, if 5 seconds weren’t enough for you, don’t be disappointed! It just means you need practice. If necessary, our catalog of challenges is full of several other visual puzzles capable of sharpening your skills.

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