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Logic Math Riddle: What Is The Value Of Each Element In This Picture? Challenge Your Concentration And Logic Skills Now!

Logic Math Riddle: Prove that you can easily concentrate to solve this math puzzle in no time! Are you good at mental arithmetic?

Today we challenge your speed of thinking and your calculation and logic skills in a mathematical puzzle. This IQ test is quite easy to solve, unless you are not used to stimulating your brain! It’s time to check if you can rely on your sense of analysis and concentration.

Logic Math Riddle: “Find The Value Of Each Of The Four Shapes”

Logic Math Riddle, One of the fun and fascinating parts of this math logic challenge is that the answers are unexpected. Indeed, they may seem simple, but you will certainly be surprised by how the solutions turn out.

What we can advise you before starting is to concentrate and observe carefully so as not to fall into traps. Are you ready?

Here then is your IQ test. In the following image, you have 4 equations formulated from four distinct elements: emoji, ice cream cone, star and watermelon triangle.

Logic Math Riddle, Your challenge will be to find the value of these four elements in record time. To do this, you must remember certain calculation rules in math. Could you get through it? Prove it!

Logic Math Riddle

Image Source: Radiotips

Logic Math Riddle

IQ Test: The Correct Answers

Do you think you found the right answers? It’s because you were a good observer and smart. Let’s first check if your answers are correct in the solution below.

Logic Math Riddle

The Solution

Here are the values ​​you had to find:

Emoji = 0,

Ice cream cone = 8,

Star = 6,

Watermelon triangle = 7.

To get there, you had to use the last equation first.

Emoji + 3 = 3 means the emoji value is 0.

You use this result in the first equation to get the value of the ice cream cone: 0 + 8 = 8.

In the second equation, you can now determine the value of the star such that: ice cream cone – 2 = star, i.e.: 8 – 2 = 6 and finally, with the third equation, you have 6 + 1 = 7, the watermelon triangle value.

Logic Math Riddle

Logic Math Riddle, If you failed this IQ test, it’s because you didn’t know where to start. You had to have a good sense of observation and analysis and identify that the outcome of this enigma began with the last equation.

Don’t worry, you can challenge your math skills again with our other IQ tests available on our site.

Logic Math Riddle, If you didn’t find the right answers, it means you lacked concentration and analysis. It seems like you’re not stimulating your brain enough. Fortunately, our multiple IQ tests are available to help you stay active!

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