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Logic IQ Riddle: Test Your IQ And Find The Code In 40 Seconds My Intelligent Friends!

Logic IQ Riddle: Welcome to all puzzle lovers! Today we are going to offer you a logic and thinking challenge which is very popular on social networks.

Your mission if you accept it is to find the secret code in an image. This image contains 5 false combinations that give clues.

Logic IQ Riddle, Logic and thinking tests are one of the most popular games. They require players to analyze visual and or verbal data in order to find some sort of solution or outcome.

Challenges that ask participants to find the code are particularly popular because they are easy to understand and solve. You can find puzzles like this on different social networks.

Logic IQ Riddle, These challenges can be very stimulating because they require you to analyze every detail to arrive at the right solution.

To complete today’s challenge, you will need to find the 3-digit code by analyzing the image provided.

Logic IQ Riddle: Test your IQ and find the code in 40 seconds!

Logic IQ Riddle

Image Source: Radiotips

Logic IQ Riddle, Are you ready to take on the challenge? So show us what you can do!

The rules to follow to solve the challenge

To succeed in this challenge, you must observe and concentrate carefully. There are rules to follow to find the correct 3-digit code. To find the code, you must observe the colored dots arranged after each combination of 3 numbers.

White dot means one of the numbers is not present, yellow dot means one of the numbers is present but not in the correct box, green dot means one of the numbers is present in the correct box.

Logic IQ Riddle, This challenge is of a difficult level as shown by the difficulty slider in the image. You must therefore carefully observe each combination and each color point to find the right code and succeed in this challenge.

Attention! The colored dots are not placed in order. You have 40 seconds to find the code or complete the challenge before time runs out.

Logic IQ Riddle, In order to correctly solve the riddle of the day, it is necessary to have good logic and to exercise your mind. Your brain has immense potential and it is important to train it to keep it at its best.

By training your logical mind, you will be able to solve complex puzzles more easily.

Logic IQ Riddle, Studies have shown that regularly training your brain will not only improve your ability to solve puzzles, but also understand math concepts better and think faster.

By working on today’s puzzles, you will test yourself and enrich your mind.

Logic IQ Riddle: Solve the code to discover the secret solution!

Logic IQ Riddle, We know you are eagerly waiting to discover the solution to our challenge. Well, here is the image with the code to find: it is colored and the numbers that make up the code are colored.

Were you able to find the answer in less than 40 seconds? So congratulations! You have found the code of the day, it’s 205!

Logic IQ Riddle

Logic IQ Riddle, If you haven’t found the answer within the expected time frame, you can always try again. We are sure you will find the right code and discover our secret solution!

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Logic IQ Riddle, It’s a great way to enjoy games together and have fun! So don’t hesitate and share it!

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