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IQ Observation Test: Can You Find Which Of These Pears Doesn’t Have A Twin In 10 Seconds My Intelligent Friends!

IQ Observation Test: Here is a fun visual game that you are invited to solve in 10 seconds. Do you want to take on the challenge?

Do you know the famous visual game “Seek and Find” that we give to children to stimulate their visual abilities?

IQ Observation Test, The test that we have reserved for you today is a bit similar to this activity except that we have made it more suitable for adults and more difficult with an imposed duration.

But just like this entertainment for children, this visual challenge assesses and trains your visual acuity, your memory and your sense of observation.

IQ Observation Test, There’s nothing better to measure your visual ability while having fun! Are you up for it? First know what this test is before you start!

IQ Observation Test: “Which Pear Has No Partner In This Image? »

IQ Observation Test, According to an Albanian proverb: “The pear ripens by looking at the other pear”, one might believe that pears grow and ripen two by two.

And if we continue in this logic, these two pears are like real twins. Moreover, this is what the image below proves to us.

IQ Observation Test

Image Source: Radiotips

IQ Observation Test, Each of these pears has a pair, a twin that looks like two drops of water, except one. Your challenge of the day is then to identify in just 10 seconds which of these pears in the image does not have its double.

In order to pass this visual test in the best conditions, start by concentrating well and then focusing only on this image and its details.

IQ Observation Test, Once you only had your eyes on those pears, that’s the sign that you’re ready and can start your timer.

It’s your turn, good luck!

IQ Observation Test: The Correct Answer

IQ Observation Test, The 10 seconds allotted have passed, you can discover the solution to this visual puzzle below.

The Solution

IQ Observation Test, The only pear that doesn’t have a twin in this image and the one that has a happy expression. It is on the second line on the right.

IQ Observation Test

IQ Observation Test, Did you give the correct answer in 10 seconds? Well done! Otherwise, you have failed today’s visual test. But don’t be satisfied with this result.

IQ Observation Test, You can prove that you have excellent vision by taking on another challenge like this. Why not try the experience again with one of the fun visual puzzles on our site? You can also invite your loved ones to do it with you.

You can always view and study more brain teaser, intellectual games, puzzles and personality tests in the entertainment section of Chashmak Website.  Share them with your friends if you like. Especially those who are interested knowing themselves better and having fun. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your comments and suggestions.

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